Monday, August 31, 2009

My man is stylish!

One of the first things I was attracted to about my fiance, Hanam, was his style of dressing. He has good fashion sense and likes to wear nice clothes.  So, when I mentioned that I thought it'd be cool if the groomsmen wore suits instead of tuxes, he objected adamantly.  He said that he always envisioned his guys in a tux.  He also said that a simple tie and black socks would be just fine. Now just to clarify, I don't have anything against a tux but the feel that I am trying to convey for our wedding is more of a "casual elegance" and therefore, I thought tuxes would be too much.  After a slightly heated conversation, we decided he'd be in charge of what they guys wear, and I would be in charge of the girls.

Imagine my surprise, when he sent me these pictures as ideas that he likes.

It's guys in suits!!! I asked him why he changed his mind and these are his exact words, "If it makes you happy for us to wear suits, then we'll wear suits.  No big deal."  Isn't he wonderful. 

The next two are of groomsmen showing off their argyle socks.  I am not sure if we'll get argyle socks but they do make for cool pictures.

And of course, the Converse shot.  My Sweetie does like his Converse.  He has them in black, brown, red, and I know he wants to get them in green.  Is this the style we're going for? Not really, but I'd be willing to compromise.  Maybe the guys throw them on during the reception or something.

What do you girls think? Should the guys wear a tux or a suit? 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Berry" Beautiful

One of my favorite wedding websites is Style Me Pretty. Look at the beautiful picture they posted yesterday! Does this scream berry colors or what?! The vibrant colors feel warm and inviting. I like the romantic candle lighting too. It looks simple and effortless.
This tablescape is my new inspiriation. 

Here is the whole inspiration board.

(Click to enlarge the board.)

This one actually includes berries in the pictures.  I think it's a good idea to incorporate berries somehow.  I'm going to have to think about it for awhile.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Berry Chic" Inspiration Board #1

So, in case you haven't found out. I chose my colors! I picked berry colors!!! 
Here is my first inspiration board that I made on Style Circle by Style Me Pretty. Hope you like it.

(I think if you click on it, you'll see a bigger version of it.)

I am always drawn to purple.  My wedding is a spin on the purple - "berry" colors.  Think blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.  Is plum a berry? No? Well, then I'll make up my own.  Plumberry! Add plumberry to the mix.  Since our venue is a ranch/winery, I am want to create a Casual Elegance with a touch of Rustic feel.  The colors will look great in the summer and I think they'll really pop with the greens and the browns of the ranch.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Dresses

I am not ready to go buy a dress but I am ready to start looking though.  I might be going soon to a bridal salon just to have an idea of what is out there.  My first outing will probably just be my Mom and I.  Once I am ready to take this more seriously and buy something I will invite my Mom and one or two of my bridesmaids.  In the meantime, here are some pics of dresses that I am liking.

I've thought about what I'm looking for and I want something with a v neck (not to low, though), low back, and thin straps. 

This one is my absolute favorite, but the v is a little too low for me. I like the ribbon around the waist too. Although, I don't know that I would like that when I try it on.
This one is kind of a mermaid type dress.  Very elegant.

You can see the back on this one.  Can you picture this dress outside, by the trees or in the vineyard?

Although this one is strapless, I love how the lace peaks through on the top.   I am not completely against strapless, but I don't normally like how strapless dresses look on me.  The dress would really need to "wow" me in order for me to choose a strapless as my wedding dress.

Can you tell I like lace?  I think I am drawn to dresses with lace.  When I go try on dresses, I want to see if that is the case.  I want to try on some dresses with lace and some without to have an idea of what I like.

Oh yeah, by the way all these dresses are by the designer, Jim Hjelm.  This is not a coincidence.  I really like his dresses.  I have tried looking at other dresses but I am just not drawn to them. 

Monday, August 17, 2009


Since the ranch/winery were we are having the reception is already beautiful, we are going to have simple centerpieces.  One, it will save money. (Ya!) Two, the place already has so much to draw the eye.  I really like the idea of just having some mason jars with flowers and some candles around the jars.  Also, each jar will only have one type of flower but with 3 jars there will still be lots of flowers on the table.  Here are some pics that I've been collecting.

I like the simpleness of mason jars.  How cute is this arrangement.

Aren't these flowers so pretty. Here's a secret.  I think I'm leaning towards the "berry" colors for my wedding.  (Hanam would ask percent wise how much do I like it. ) So, I am 75% berry colors, 25% whites with blush.

This jar has a ribbon wrapped around it.  I think I will want to do something to the jars but I am not sure what.

I really like these flowers.  Oh, wait they're purple.  I won't be using blue mason jars, though.

(All pictures from Weeping Cherries.)
So can you picture it.  Reception dinner outside, green grass, ranch setting, and mason jars with flowers on the tables. Now I have to think of ideas on how to decorate the jars? Ribbon? Yarn? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colors!!! I can't decide!

I can't pick wedding colors.  Yes, purple is my favorite color, but I feel I always do purple.  Anyway, here are the two color schemes I am playing with.

The first color scheme is called "Berry Colors".  Think berries, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry.  The colors would be fushia, plum, and eggplant.  (Yes, the purple family.)  The second color scheme is called "Shabby Chic".  Think light colors.  The colors would be white, cream, and blush (fancy for light pink.)  I am not a pink girl normally, but I think blush for a wedding is so romantic.

Anyway, if you've seen pictures of our reception site, you will remember that it's very green.  I picture both of these color schemes working so well. So.... I went with my Mom to the LA flower district to see if I could find my color schemes in the flowers.  

This is what we came back with.  Pretty, huh!

Note: we aren't really deciding flower arrangements right now, just colors. So the flowers aren't adorned perfectly.  

This is the first trial with the berry colors.  I took more, but for some reason they didn't save on my computer. I put them out on my front lawn to have the green grass in the background.  I like the contrast of the colors.  The colors really pop in the sun.  I do like this color palette.  Oh... decisions, decisions. 

These two pics are my shabby chic colors.  Don't they look so beautiful.  Again, I think of romance.  It doesn't pop as much though.  The colors are more subtle. 

Same arrangement, different angle. 

Are you curious to know what I picked? Well, I'm curious too.  I just can't decide.  I don't know what I want.  Hanam, of course, is being supportive.  He says he'll go with whatever I pick.  So, it's being tabled for now.  I can't decide yet.  I need more time to think.

Do you like one over the other? Please, let me know.

Welcome to Lake Oak Meadows

This is the beautiful place where we are going to celebrate after we get married.  I like how green it looks.  I also like the pond.  It all has a very relaxed atmosphere.  It's technically a ranch.  The ranch is on the back side of the property behind the trees.

This is the grand entrance.  Guests will park their cars above and walk down the steps.

The pond has fountains in it!

This is the pre-reception area.  The area in front of the fireplace is the dance floor. We will get to dance with the little lights gleaming over us.

This last picture shows the seating area where we will be eating.

After visiting this place, it was our first choice.  We kept comparing every other place to this one.  In the end we decided, why torture ourselves, just book the place.  I am so glad we did.  I am so excited to celebrate here!

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Official

Yay, it's official.  Our wedding date is July 24, 2010.  We met with the deacon at St. Catherine of Alexandria yesterday and booked our church!  I am excited to finally have our ceremony and reception sites booked.  It feels like a real wedding now.  Now comes all the fun planning!

Here's a pic of the outside.  It looks very modern inside too, it's only 5 years old.  Since we're getting married in July, I appreciate that it is also air-conditioned!