Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It feels official!

I know that we've been engaged for several months now but I finally feel like we are officially getting things done.  So far I've only been giving away my money.  Although I spend, I have nothing to show for it ... but not anyyyyymore.  A few weeks ago we ordered our Save-the-dates and we just got them in the mail today!  I am excited! They are really cute and I can't wait to send them out.  I won't be able to post a picture until they go out but they are sweet.  
Did that ever happen to you? It didn't feel official until you had something concrete to show for it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wine barrel decor!

We're getting married at a winery. Will there be wine barrels? You bet! Wine barrels are a simple way of adding a nice touch.  They add the rustic, shabby chic look and it doesn't take a lot because they are simple to decorate.  Just add some flowers, a frame, candles, or anything else that needs to be displayed.

Isn't this image great?! Adding some apples is a great idea. Simple yet charming. I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate raspberries or blueberries into our reception.  I'm not sure if it'd work but what if I put some in berries on fancy candy dishes or bowls and set them out on the wine barrels?
This last picture came out a little small, sorry.  But you'll get the idea.  Why not use a wine barrel to hold the cake? It seems easy enough and then I don't have to worry about having to buy and hunt for a nice cake stand.  The wine barrel will draw all the attention needed and a simple cake stand from the baker would suffice.


I never really gave wine barrels much thought until our wedding, but now I realize they have so many possibilities!  How else would you use them? If you have more ideas let me know.