Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time to make Resolutions

I guess a common cliche for January is to make some resolutions. I think most people are sincere when they make resolutions because, after all, they are improvements we'd like to make in our lives.  Resolutions like: "I'm going to work out everyday", "I will get to work on time" or "I will make more home cooked meals." No joke, those really have been past resolutions that I've made.  And you know what conclusion I've come to about resolutions: they only last for about a month! Maybe two! So a few years ago, I resolved to have no more resolutions.

But since 2010 is going to be such an important year, I thought why not? I'll make some resolutions.  Some that I can actually stick to or try and stick to! So here we go:
  1. Do not become a bridezilla - no matter how stressed I am!  I don't want to take my stress out on anyone, especially Hanam.  If I feel stressed, I will find different ways to relieve the stress. So far, I haven't felt too much stress and I want to keep it that way.
  2. Make up my mind and stick with it!  I procrastinate.  Guilty...very guilty!!!  I procrastinate on wedding stuff 'cause I can't make up my mind. I see one thing and think "Oooh, I like that." then I see something else "Ohhh, I like that too." Can you see where this is going. It's fine to have several ideas but I can't sit on it and wait. Once, I have sevral ideas, I need to choose one and do it.
  3. Don't leave things to the last minute! It is my goal that the last week before we get married will be project free! I know that there are going to be some last minute things but I don't want any of them to be DIY projects or things that could have been done in advance.   Picking someone up from the airport is okay, making 200 napkins rings...not okay!
  4. Enjoy every minute of our wedding day! On that day, I don't want to worry about flowers, food, DJ etc. No thoughts will start with: "I should have...." or  " I wish we would have....". None of it! It's our wedding day and we are going to have a blast. Period.
  5. Last and the most important: Amongst all the planning, running around, and DIY projects .... I don't want to lose sight of what July 24th really means: It's our wedding day, the day we receive the sacrament of marriage and all of it's graces. Before God, we will give ourselves definitively and totally to one another. 

I'd like to note #2 and #3 seem to go hand in hand. If I can do #2 then #3 shouldn't be a problem but I'm going to leave #3 because a little reinforcement will work for me!  Also, it seems that #1 and #4 are tied to #5.  If I can constantly keep the reason for our wedding on the forefront of my mind, then I won't become a crazy bride and I won't worry about what happened or didn't happen on our wedding day.  At the end of the day, if Hanam and I get to say "I do" before God then I will consider my day a success. 

So, I've made some resolutions which is a good thing because it will help keep me sane and calm and ready to enjoy our amazing day!

Are you making any personal or  wedding resolutions this year?



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  1. Wow Laura, what an awesome list of resolutions you have....good for you!! I like # 2! I'm a former procrastinator and having only 1-3 choices of things you like really makes it easier...or just go w/your gut feeling and then don't look at anything else! Good luck, there are a many beautiful things to incorporate in a wedding and I know yours & Hanam's wedding will be wonderful!