Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colored Shoes on a Bride

I always thought that the day I get married I'd wear a white dress, white veil, white shoes, you know, the basics. Simple, right? Except now the new "in" thing is to wear colored shoes. Shoes are mostly hidden under wedding dresses but every so often they peek through and make for great pictures.  Since I am a shoe lover, you don't have to tell me twice that color is allowed! I love the idea! 

Those red shoes look so beautiful peeking out just a little from the dress. But me, I'm a purple kinda girl! This next picture makes me smile. Seriously, I literally feel happier every time I see this picture!
Last month, Miss Cheeseburger from Weddingbee, posted about shoes and guess what color she's looking for?! Yup, purple shoes! Crazy, huh? (source)
I am not a fan of all of these shoes but the colors are amazing.  

Even though I kind of have the idea that I would like colored shoes, I haven't been actively searching for wedding shoes.  My wedding dress doesn't come in until May, so I figured I have a couple of months to try on and pick shoes.  Until...these shoes!!!!

I was at Nordstrom when I saw them.  I am not kidding when I tell you that I walked right over, picked them up and ohhed and ahhed out loud!  These shoes are major eye-candy and would look great with my dress.  

Although, I don't really have a reason to not buy them, I still haven't.  A small part of me, and I mean small, keeps thinking I should keep to my original vision of a white dress with white shoes.  And a small part of me is worried that I will regret not wearing white shoes? Am I crazy?

What do you girls think? Am I over analyzing? Should I just get the amazing cute purple heals or stick to the original plan of white heals? Oh, and just to add more variety, what about two pairs? White for the ceremony and purple for pics and the reception?


  1. I bought purple shoes at Nordstrom Rack. They were the right height and in my tiny size so I was really happy to find them.

  2. Well, since I know we both love a white pair for wedding & that FABULOUS pair of purple heels and cross this task off your TO-DO LIST!!
    Kristyn :)